Lucky Charms 2023: presentation
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Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

We are very pleased to present to you FaCad’oro’s collection of Lucky Charms 2023, which is already available (see it here)!

The inspiration and focus of the collection was the number 23, where 2 and 3 meet and complement each other in wonderful design combinations!

So let’s look at FaCad’oro’s Lucky Charms 2023 one by one:

Lucky Charm 23 in pendant or bracelet

Image 0 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationWhat did you see first, 2 or 3 or maybe 23? The answer to this question we don’t know if it means anything about your vision or personality, but it certainly means that it is an inspired artistic depiction where 2 is contained in 3, or 3 is a continuation of 2, that you prefer. The only sure thing, however, is that both together give us 23!

Lucky Charm butterfly in pendant

Image 1 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationSo a nice butterfly, but if you look closely you will see the 2 on its body and the 3 on its wings. Total: 23!

Lucky Charm small butterfly in pendant, bracelet or earrings

Image 2 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationImage 3 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationImage 4 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

Clearly here in the most minimal version of our butterfly, 23 is clear!

Lucky Charm trefoil flower in pendant or bracelet

Image 5 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationImage 6 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation 

What happens if we mix three twos/threes together? A lovely flower!

Lucky Charm column in medallion

Image 7 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationImage 8 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

The 3 here in stars, while on the side is engraved MMXX which in Latin means 2020, but plus 3 stars: 2023!

Lucky Charm rod ΜΜΧΧΙΙΙ in pendant or bracelet

Image 9 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationImage 10 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

Here we now have all of MMXXIII, with III made up of small zircons, and there’s a peephole just in case!

Lucky Charm heart in pendant

Image 11 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

Of course, a heart with 23 inside could not be missing from our collection, so to show 2023 how much we love it and wait for it!

Lucky Charm basketball in pendant or keyholder

Image 12 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationImage 13 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

But apart from 2023 we also love basketball and here is the proof!

Lucky Charm Jordan jersey in pendant or keyholder

Image 14 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationImage 15 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

And it’s also impossible to love basketball and not adore Michael Jordan, the greatest (so far…) player of all time, who wore the jersey number 23 from the beginning of his career. He knew something!

Lucky Charm ΖΣ in pendant

Image 16 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

Because simply Z looks like 2 and Σ looks like 3. What, no?

Lucky Charm large and small cube in pendant

Image 17 Lucky Charms 2023: presentationImage 18 Lucky Charms 2023: presentation

And we complete the presentation with our favorite cubes, big and small, with 2 and 3 covering two of their sides, so that when wearing it, that one decides whether to see 2 or 3 or both together!

We hope the FaCad’oro Lucky Charms 2023 presentation was quite enlightening as well as enticing!

Happy 2023!

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