2024: The meaning of the number 24
2024: Η σημασία του αριθμού 24
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2024: The meaning of the number 24

It’s 2024 and it’s like closing a circle, that of the alphabet or that of the clock… So the year Ω, or the 24th hour. Certainly not the best for the prudent, but we heard this in 2000 and yet we are still here and optimistic about the new year that is just around the corner! So let’s see what is this infamous 24 (Lat. XXIV, an. Greek κδ΄), which is also the inspiration of our FaCad’oro 2024 Charms collection this year.

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Numerology: 24 is an even number because it is divisible by 2, but also a complex number because it has more divisors besides 1 and itself. But it is also a superperfect number since the sum of its divisors (except itself) is greater than itself. Also 2+4 = 6, which is a divisor of 24 (6 is considered the first perfect number, as the sum of its divisors: 1+2+3 = 6!). And finally: 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 = 24!

Chemistry: Finally an atomic number of a well-known and widely used chemical element, Chromium (Cr), so named internationally from the Greek word for color, “chroma”, because it has many brightly colored compounds. Although the same is ultimately colored steel and is the main additive in the production of stainless steel, adding to it its antioxidant properties.

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Semiology, astrology: 

As we have seen above, 24 numerologically has a special value, something that has been traced since ancient times and that is why 24 was the focus of everything important, especially for our ancestors: 24 hours of the day, 24 letters of the Greek alphabet (while they could be 22, as ξ and ψ could be κσ and πσ…), 24 carats of pure gold, 24 striations of the Ionian column, the 24 rhapsodies of the Iliad!

And while for the ancient Greeks the number 24 was almost sacred, according to feng shui the combination of 2 and 4 must be strongly avoided! Now those of you who live in house number 24, what can I tell you, everything is relative. However, the Chinese avoid it…

If now 24 is your birth number, then according to astrology, it equips you with responsibility and ability to offer help to those around you, to be devoted to family and also to act with determination. All good!

Finally, despite the importance it has as a number in our lives, 24 (unlike 23!) is not connected to mysteries and conspiracy theories or various other magical and paraphilological things.


As the most important historical and political event of the year 1924, the referendum was called and the result was 70% in favor of the Presidential Republic, against 30% in favor of the Monarchy. Logical, of course, after the tragic Asia Minor disaster of 1922… Internationally now, there have been no notable historical events.

Now in 1824, and while for us Greeks it was a year where several successes were achieved in the battles against the Ottomans, on May 7th in Vienna the world premiere of Beethoven’s famous 9th symphony takes place.

And since 24 does not hide secrets or conspiracies or shocking historical events, let’s welcome it with optimism, health and of course with a FaCad’oro Charm to make sure that everything will go well!

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